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tv   News  ABC  July 7, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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a little cooler. >> hint, hint right? >> it's going to be better going into the weekend. it will be dryer. not pick up on a whole lot right now. going into the afternoon, we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms scattered in nature to pop up going into time. temperatures this morning, on the mild side. the warm side rather. and 74 right now in edgemere and more in arnold at 73. perry hall at 71. bel air around 70. more of the same into reisterstown and 71 in columbia. we have a code orange in effect. the eastern shore you are not in that one. all right. let's go over to tonya with the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as far as incidents go, things are improving on the roads. we are looking at 895 south of o'donnell. no problems to report here. all your lanes are opened southbound to the right. northbound on the left. our earlier accidents have pretty much cleared out of the way. fort mchenry tunnel southbound reopened after an earlier
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accident. inner loop before security boulevard is cleared out. and 95 southbound at 216 is clear in howard county. charley. >> reporter: thanks a lot. today casey anthony will be sent ended for lying to investigators. she was on trial for the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee in 2008 but found not guilty of the charges of murder. anthony faces up to four years in prison but could walk free today because she served three years in jail while awaiting trial. today, we have heard from one of the jurors on the case juror number 3 was the only one who said she didn't know anything about casey anthony before the trial started. jury number 3 had this to say about the overall verdict." everyone wonders why we didn't speak to the media right away. it was because we were sick to our stomachs to have to give that verdict. we were crying and that's not just the women. it was emotional and we weren't ready. we wanted to do it with integrity and not contribute to the sensationalism of the trial. she goes onto say that she
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never said casey anthony was innocent only that there was not enough evidence to prove she committed the crime. looking at news around the nation, tragedy at yellowstone. and this is the first time this happened since 1986. a grizzly bear killed a man in a park wednesday morning. the national park service says he was hiking with his wife along the area of yellowstone park when he surprised a bear and her cubs. the bear attacked and killed the man in an attempt to defend her cubs. all the trails in the back country camp sites have been closed until further notice. a federal appeals court issued an order blocking the military from enforcing the don't ask don't tell policy as the military is moving ahead with ending the policy. congress has passed the bill signed by president obama to gradually eliminate the policy that bans same sex couples, gays and lesbians from serving
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openly. pentagon official refused to issue a timeline on when the policy could change when it would be completed. a decorated police officer from florida is on the wrong side after the prison cell. he was named the boynton beach police officer of the year but now is accused of dealing drugs in 20 09 through march of this year. authorities say britta was caught with 500 grams of methamphetamine. if convicted, he could face life behind bars. add this to the shame of you file a group of teens robbed a lemonade stand. the young business owners say the teens threatened to beat them up if they didn't hand over the cash. >> they said the words i got scared and i ran and hid behind the tree. we gave them the money and then we stepped back because we got a little scared. then when they were driving away, i chased after them. >> the thieves got away with 13 bucks 50 crnts along with that.
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but the -- cents along with that but someone gave the kids 20 dollars in a donation and the kids they are not deterred by what happened to them. >> we are going to do another one. i've done it 14 times. >> i like to do this because you get a free. [audio not understandable] >> police are following a couple leads. who would rob a lemonade stand? >> you don't need that. stay with us. if you can tweet the president asking anything in the world, what would it be? >> some people got the opportunity and it was the first ever twitter town hall meeting. we will let you know what many of you had to ask. bringing home the bacon will cost more. how much the price is going up and the reason for the spike. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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now "good morning maryland." all right. so if you are on twitter you had a chance yesterday to be a part of a first. letting president obaca know what was on your mind but you had to do it in 140 characters or less. the president held the first ever twitter town hall and answered the question in the east room of the white house. a familiar name popped up on the twitter feed and that was speaker of the house john boehner. >> where are the jobs? >> obviously, john is the speaker of the house and is a republican and so, this is a slightly skewed question. but, what he is right about is that we have not seen fast enough job growth. relative to the needs. >> president obecoma invited 140 fumeers of the white house -- followers of the white house twitter page to attend the he
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event. he embraced the technoligical aid and held similar q and a sessions on facebook and youtube. maybe the president's next town hall meeting will be onfacebook with their new technology. they will offer a video chat service poured by psych. facebook use kers create instant group chats if they want to message a small group of the mark zuckerberg says they have 750 million users who share 4 billion photos, links and status updates every day. in consumers news, the cost of your breakfast is going up. bacon prices are expected to sizzle to um -- this summer. high feed costs is pus shall bake ob and other pork prices to a higher price and hot temperatures are hurting supplies. that is increasing price, too. you my want to listen up if your child plays baseball or softball. look at the glove because it's possible it's been recall.
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the glove from wal-mart or target from april of last year until this past may is being pulled from the shelves. these are pictures of it. it's the supreme series in the ball park pro baseball and softball gloves. some contain a variety of molds that can cause respiratory or other problem for those with impaired immune systems. if you have questions and think your glove could be on the recall list, there's the number on the screen. 800-451-7913. many of you are upset over the verdict in the casey anthony trial. >> now one woman wants to do something about it. we will tell you about the law that she is proposing. the man accused of kidnapping is facing more serious charges out in california of the. getting ready to say i dos. now same sex marriage passed, new york is preparing for a flood marriage licenses. it's dry right now, but you know what? it's going to get more active
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as the day goes on. we are asy -- hazy and hot and humid. is there relief in sight? most accidents cleared. i will tell you about two roads that reopened due to earlier accidents. we are doing okay when "good morning maryland" continues.
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now "good morning maryland." good morning. it's thursday july 7th. this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringl . >> i am charley crowson. let's get to it with a check on your forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> we have lots of sunshine to start the day out with. but clouds will move in across the area. if the sunshine persist, this 91 i am forecasting might be more like 93, 9 # degrees and we have the chance for some showers and thunderstorms scattered in nature going throughout the day. let's go ahead and send it overto tonya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we are doing much better than we did earlier. let's look at the beltway.
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695 moving smoothly at liberty road. be aware of that slowdown up ahead. paper mill road in havre de grace it had been closed in both directions between phoenix road and cooper road. that is now open. back to you. >> 6:45. thanks. 295 is back open this morning but it was the scene of a massive police search after a man attacked a speed camera vehicle with a gun and a hammer. linda so is live to tell us this is not the first time someone has taken their acre out on the came -- anger out on the cameras. >> reporter: there was a incident near padonia elementary school. the speed cameras are here. someone went up to one of the cameras and smashed it in may. there was another incident in dundalk when someone walked up to one and spray painted the lens toe you couldn't take pictures anymore. that happened in may and you have what happened yesterday.
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speed came vehicle parked on 259 near the bwi exit was van addized. a man -- vandalized a man tapped the back wendo with the shotgun. the operate -- window with the shotgun. operator began to blow his horn and the man came to the front and smashed the windshield with his hammer. he then ran back into the woods. it sparked a massive search in the area. police shut down 295 in both directions for hours but they never found him. the state began using them in 2009. state senator nancy jacobs voted against the measure because she believed it had nothing to do with safety but about raising money. >> we said this is -- all this is, you are not protecting, you know, wanting to protect people's lives. this is so you can make some money. >> reporter: she says it's like the frustration with the recent proposed toll hikes. and says it's an example of big
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brother getting bigger. but police were not able to find the suspect involved in yesterday's attack. they described him as an older man, in his 60s or 65 with gray hair. but, again you know, the taxes are coming more frequent. there -- the attacks are coming more frequent. there was an attack right here with a camera being smashed. live in baltimore county, linda so. we are standing by to hear if casey anthony will be set free for time served in jail or if a judge will sentence her for more time for lying to authorities. a jury found her not guilty of the most serious charge of murder. prosecutors claim she killed her daughter caylee back in 2008. the trial motivated an oklahoma woman to create a facebook moment called case lo's -- movement calling for caylee's law that makes it a felony not to notify authorities of a death of a child within one hour of being discovered. >> and after half an hour
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people were agreeing and not doing anything and i figured something had to be done. absolutely proud to know there are that many people that care about children. >> it would make it a felony of the disappearance is not reported within 24 hours. case actence in -- anthony will be sentenced this morning. mother and her #-year-old -- 4 -year-old daughter will be laid to rest after being murder. alicia avery and her 4-year-old were found dead in their apartment last week. easery was pregnant with twins -- avery was pregnant with twins at the time of the death. 28-year-old brian eggleston is charged with murder but could face additional charges. funeral service will be today at 11 at st. abraham baptist church in baltimore. 6:48. verizon wireless must pay 20 million dollars over how they treated the disabled employees. the workers had to miss work because of their disabilities. lawyers filed a suit in -- suit
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in maryland and the government says they didn't help accommodate disability employees. it's the largest discrimination suit in eeoc history. illegal immigrants accused of -- an illegal immigrant accused of posing as a member of the rockefeller family is being extra do ited from baston -- boston for kidnapping his daughter. he and his daughter were found in baltimore after authorities all over the country were looking for them. he is charged with killing a man in southern california more than 25 years ago. he is held on 10 million dollar bond. major nadal hasan the man accused of killing 13 people and injuring 32 more at fort hood texas could receive the death penalty if convicted. the u.s. army general approved the possible death penalty as a result of the shooting. 13 poem were killed and again
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32 injured. and pretty soon wedding bells will be ringing in new york. the state law allowing same sex marriage will go into effect july 24th. the mayor michael bloom berk says city office will be open on the 24th and workday hours will be extend until july 29th. applications are available now and couples are urged to apply. fop rail arrangements are set for a man -- funeral arrangements are set for a manwho drown in the magothy river. a sharp unexpected boat turn threw him into the river monday afternoon. ten minutes away from 7. four burn out cars and a fire have baltimore county officers look for arsonist. firefighters found the building burned out. crews found four cars set on fire in the i'm air -- same area. anyone with information is asked to call the number 1-866- 7-lockup. the baltimore streets made
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his wise and hbo made him a star and the experiences make him an activist. donny andrews the wire will join the cocreator from 6 to 8. both want to raise money by wutting down on crime and giving more children -- baltimore city leaders want to help you make your ride smoother. a paving machine is helping to fill in potholes. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is focusing on neighborhood roads. the department of transportationpaving efforts jumped 60% year over year. >> doctors and nurses hit the johns hopkins children's centerwill spend time for the babies in the neo natal intensive care unit. nicu looks after nearly 600
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babies every single year. frederick mayor wants you and more people to visit the city. his city and the director of economic development agrees with that. and this evening, city leaders will ask the board leaders for $30,000 in a grant to be used to study to see how big the hotel would be and what businesses they could bring in for certain conferences. it's time for five things to know before heading out the door. just about two hours, a judge will sentence casey anthony. a jury found her not guilty of killing her daughter caylee. they did find her guilt every lying to authorities. she may be released this morning for time served. and democrat and republican congressional leaders will be on the president's front doorstep later today. they are supposed to take up a budget impasse. some republicans hinted they could go along with ending corporate tax loopholes. house speaker john by aner will host a bipartisan meeting
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with the dalai lama. nancy pelosi will be present along with other house members of congress. a photo opportunity and remarks on the event will follow immediately. jury selection continues for the perjury trial for roarnlg clemens. he is face did -- for perjury -- roger clemens. today verizon is getting rid of the unlimited data plans. verizon now says it want to be able to heanld your traffic and you get what you -- handle your traffic and you get what you pay for. it will apply to smart phone customers or current customers who trade up. current users will not be affected. good morning. we are going to be dealing withanother very balmy day. very humid and muggy outside. the dew points are at # 0 no dc. close to 70 into baltimore. 72 in easton.
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we are feeling it as we step out. the satellite and radar not picking up a lot. sunshine out there right now. the cloud could pick up in a-- in across the area. now the satellite and radar picking up on the fact we have a cold front back towards the west. that's he going to approach the area and then it's going to stall out. once it does, that's the focal point for some showers and thunderstorms as we go through the afternoon and that will continue into tomorrow. drier air behind the front. the weekend looks spectacular. future radar picking up on the showers and thunderstorms possibly into rush hour and maybe 8 this evening and we will do it all over again heading into try. but friday looks a little wetter. we can see the showers in here, the rain in here as we head into your morning time. and that will continue even as we go into the afternoon. saturday arrives, things look pretty good many you don't have to worry about the wet weather. speaking of today, the temperature coming in right
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around 91. the three a's upon us hot, hazy and humid. scattered showers and storms possible as we go throughout the day as well. so as you head out and about, grab the rain gear because you could need it going into the afternoon. by tonight, the temperature will be right around 71 degrees. continued sticky scattered storms are possible. and then tomorrow comes and this is the wet day. and check out temperatures 85 degrees because we will be under the cloud and have the wet weather. those showers and storms are likely. here's the seven-day forecast and i am jumping into the weekend. that's what we care about and it looks good. a little drier and temperatures are a little more average like and then by the time whoa hit monday, we have a chance for the fact that it's going to get hotter. right around 93. that continues as we go into tuesday and the change comes on tuesday because that's when we have the chance for more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and that lingered heading into the middle of the woke. tonya has traffic.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. harford county a grass fire pulaski at post road. all the vehicles should have left the scene. let's look at liberty road 695 at liberty road. it has slowed down within the last 30 seconds. stop and go here so it will take extra time. looking at our drive times, 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes. and 95 out of white marsh to 695it minutes. and bel air to providence will probably take about 9 minutes as well. we do have some heavy traffic. 295 southbound between the beltway and west nursery road, that's slow going for you there. also on the train, train 400 is delayed at 5 minutes on the penn line. other than that we have in the usual volume. thanks for joining us. have wonderful thursday and stay cool out there. >> remember the news is always on at time to go to new york for
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